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Last modified 20:32 24-06-2024


Barrow Hill




Also present was 37602

Alan Disberry

37508 on display thet the NYMR Diesel Gala

Dicky White
Colas at 1225
37057  COTS  RECTRYJCR   RECTRYJCR    F                 X
37099  COTS  RECTRYJCR   RECTRYJCR    F                 X
37116  COTS  DERBY RTC   DERBY RTC    F                 N
37175  COTS  CHSTRMYRD   400Z371H06   F    CHSTRMYRD    N
37219  COTS  RDGTRIANG   RDGTRIANG    L                 N
37254  COTS  EASTLGHYD   EASTLGHYD    L                 N
37405  COFS  GUIDEB BS   326Z621M06   D *  BASFDHALL    N
37421  COTS  RECTRYJCR   RECTRYJCR    F                 X
37607  COTS  DERBY RTC   570Z371F06   F    DERBY RTC    N
37610  COTS  CREWEIEMD   RECTRYJCR                      X
37612  COTS  DERBY RTC   DERBY RTC    L                 T

37401  LSLO  BARRWHSD    BARRWHSD     F                 X
37409  LSLO  CREWE HS    CREWE HS     F                 N
37521  LSLO  CREWE HS    CREWE HS     E                 N
37667  LSLO  CREWE HS    420Z601G06   F    SHRGHMNNR    N   GALA

37214  AWCX  CARNFTHST   BONESSRPS    F                 D
37516  AWCA  CARNFTHST   CARNFTHST    F                 N
37518  AWCA  HELFD GLS   HELFD GLS    U                 N
37668  AWCA  CARNFTHST   CARNFTHST    F                 N
37669  AWCA  CARNFTHST   CARNFTHST    E                 N
37676  AWCA  FTWILIAM    FTWILIAM     F                 N
37685  AWCA  FTWILIAM    FTWILIAM     O                 N
37706  AWCA  CARNFTHST   CARNFTHST    F                 N
37712  AWCX  CARNFTHST   CARNFTHST    F                 F

Chris Warman

37042 Update

I've been keen to make a start on the bodywork as a visual indication that the loco is under recommission

Frustratingly there was a recent youtube popped up & I could see the bodywork I'd cut out but yet they said it looked abandoned. It doesn't look abandoned now after a couple of Saturdays.

We're still waiting on the water pump. The impeller removal to get to the seal had me beat but Kyle had it off after way more stress than I throw at it but we need the back of it machined for the new seal.

This is what we are awaiting on being done. In the meantime I've started on it again after a 4 week hiatus as I put my own liability insurance in place.

I'm keen to get into a routine on it & have been. There still a bit preparation to do in terms of the brushes back in the generator & some more checking.

Of course fitting the water pump & filling with water will be the test. Everything crossed for that. Crickey I've even started vacuuming the cab !

Keep up with 37042s progress at 26040 D5340 BRCW type 2 facebook page

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