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Last modified 20:26 25-03-2024


Derby R.T.C.




Lee Sawyer

37042 Update

I know this is the update most are wanting so we'll deal with this first. There's been a lot happening in the background & I wanted to deliver some good news first. 37042 is alive, when in EO the warning lights are all on & its delivering happily a solid 55psi on the oil pump primer & we've barred it over 3 or 4 times with the decompression plugs out.

Yes there's been issues, surprising bits missing etc, broken studs but when it came alive it was just wonderful. There really is hope for 042 now & I'm gaining optimism.

Following on from previous fb posts Jo C warned me about the wiring but the wonderful unknown news is that 042 was the last EWS loco to get a heavy overhaul at Toton 2 years before being out into the reserve list with EWS. (Graham told me this). What this means is that's it's been rewired. So there's none of those concerns. Fantastic.

Terry P warned me to check the heat exchanger for frost damage as water could mix with the oil so what I did was I removed the water inlets (locos been drained down) & we had some flanges made up with a tyre valve, some large o rings & we tried pressurising the heat exchanger but we found two cracks bizarrely in the endcap. However the heat exchanger is free from any oil & of course now we've been running the oil pump at 55psi it's still clear so good news.

We'll repressurise it with the tyre valve flange set up to check the water side next time once the sealant has set. More details in pics. Technical support is coming from the usual trusted sources & the consensus here is to clean the generator before trying to churn it over. To that end one of the EVR guys, Marcus has most of the brushes out now & 'meggarwash' or whatever it is called has been purchased to be applied to clean up the commutator/brush boxes before we think about refitting them. There'll likely be anti tracking paint applied too.

So far all the brushes were free & only the bottom two boxes are still to be tackled so again positive news. I'm being told EE's are bad for drawing oil mist through their generators which seems plausible given the mess.
So this is pretty much where we are with it.

Good news & progress you'll agree & wonderful.

Was lovely to phone Graham & tell him about progress & the kind words conveyed in return were appreciated. We're all in this for fun & it's my view to share it to be enjoyed.
We're in a good place with 042 now as the other guys are set up & running now to work on it in my absence with the jobs needing done. A bit like what we've achieved at Bo'ness bringing together a squad to work on 27005 who now have the confidence to get on.

Can I again ask that any comments are only positive & looking forward only in regards to what lies ahead for 042. Maybe an apt analogy would be 'good things come to those who wait'.

If you have an interest in coming to see 042 there's been TALK of how we might manage this but this requires further discussion to see how/if we can do this so please let us think about this & see what could work. Details to be confirmed here when approved but it could be a unique experience to see it up close/chat with us.
It's also next to a live army base with all the security that brings !!!! Thanks also to the EVR volunteers but especially Marcus & Joseph.

Keep up with 37042s progress at 26040 D5340 BRCW type 2 facebook page


Barrow Hill



Alan Disberry
COLAS @ 1700
37057  COTS  DERBY RTC   DERBY RTC    L                 N           25H A  
37099  COTS  RECTRYJCR   RECTRYJCR    F                 X          -10H A  
37116  COTS  RECTRYJCR   RECTRYJCR    F                 M           20H A  
37175  COTS  CAMBGSDGS   471Q181T01   L *  MARCH DYD    N           15H A  
37219  COTS  RECTRYJCR   RECTRYJCR    F                 X           27H A  
37254  COTS  DERBY RTC   DERBY RTC    L                 N           44H A  
37405  COFS  COLHAMLMD   COLHAMLMD    F                 N           54H A  
37421  COTS  RECTRYJCR   RECTRYJCR    F                 X           42H A  
37607  COTS  HGREENPAD   883Q44C701   L *  HGREENPAD    N           32H A  
37610  COTS  RECTRYJCR   RECTRYJCR    F                 M           19H A  
37612  COTS  CAMBGSDGS   471Q181T01   L *  MARCH DYD    N           16H A  

37069  EPUK  LESTER SD   LESTER SD    F                 D            5H A
37146  EPUK  KNIGHTSDG   LESTER SD                      B            1H A
37207  EPUK  KNIGHTSDG   KNIGHTSDG                      T            1H A
37218  EPUK  LESTER SD   LESTER SD    F                 D            2H A
37423  EPUK  LESTER SD   LESTER SD    F                 D           11H B
37901  EPUK  LESTER SD   LESTER SD    F                 N            4H A

37418  LRLO  DERBY RTC   DERBY RTC    C                 N           60H A  
37606  LRLO  BURTON WS   BURTON WS    F                 X           60H D  

37401  LSLO  BARRWHSD    BARRWHSD     F                 X           -1H B
37409  LSLO  CREWE HS    CREWE HS     E                 D           13H A
37521  LSLO  CREWE HS    CREWE HS     E                 N           11H A
37667  LSLO  CREWE HS    CREWE HS     E                 N           16H A

97301  QETS  DERBY RTC   DERBY RTC    L                 X         4553H A
97302  QETS  RUGBY OLE   RECTRYJCR    F                 X           -6H A
97303  QETS  COLHAMLMD   COLHAMLMD    C                 N           -5H A
97304  QETS  COLHAMLMD   COLHAMLMD    F                 N           32H A

37510  GROG  BCSTMODGB   BCSTMODGB    F                 N           24H D
37601  GROG  TMILSOWCS   TMILSOWCS    F                 N           49H A
37608  GROG  DERBY RTC   DERBY RTC    F                 N           60H A
37611  GROG  DERBY RTC   DERBY RTC    F                 N           46H A
37800  GROG  ILFORDEMD   ILFORDEMD    V                 N            7H A
37884  GROG  LESTER SD   LESTER SD    F                 N           58H A

37214  AWCX  CARNFTHST   BONESSRPS    F                 D           -4H A
37516  AWCA  LARBT DPL   LARBT DPL    F                 N           55H A
37518  AWCA  CARNFTHST   CARNFTHST    F                 N           60H A
37668  AWCA  CARNFTHST   CARNFTHST    F                 N           60H A
37669  AWCA  CARNFTHST   CARNFTHST    E                 N           60H A
37676  AWCA  FTWILIAM    FTWILIAM     F                 N           32H A
37685  AWCA  INVRNSSCR   INVRNSSCR    F                 N           47H A
37706  AWCA  CARNFTHST   CARNFTHST    F                 N           60H A
37712  AWCX  CARNFTHST   CARNFTHST    F                 F           54H A

Kevin Delaney

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