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Last modified 22:15 29-04-13


37075 has been repainted into BR Green in conjunction with filming for the BBC
37905 has been repainted into BR Green with small yellows warning panels and reumbered D6836. She was moved by road from Burton to the Mid Hants Railway.
David Guy & Phil Grain
DRS @ 1200

37038  XHNC  DAVTRYDRS   DAVTRYDRS    8 *               N   SHNT
37059  XHSS  BARRWHSD    BARRWHSD     F                 X       
37069  XHSS  CREWE CLS   GRESTYBMD    F                 X       
37194  XHNC  CREWEIEMD   420Z351G04   F    NCH CRNPT    N   0Z90
37218  XHNC  CSLEKMDRS   CSLEKMDRS    F                 X       
37229  XHSS  BARRWHSD    BARRWHSD     0                 T       
37259  XHNC  CSLEKMDRS   CSLEKMDRS    1                 D       
37261  XHNC  BARRWHSD    BARRWHSD     F               
37402  XHAC  DUNGENESS   DUNGENESS    0               
37405  XHAC  BARRWHSD    270Z542F04   F    GRESTYBGE  
37409  XHAC  GRESTYBGE   GRESTYBMD    F               
37419  XHAC  DERBY RTC   DERBY RTC    L               
37422  XHHP  GRESTYBGE   CSLEKMDRS                    
37423  XHND  PBDBST&RS   PBDBST&RS    L               
37425  XHAC  HITHRGDSG   883Z551G04   L *  HITHRGDSG  
37510  XHSS  BARRWHSD    BARRWHSD     F               
37601  XHNC  KIRKCY843   KIRKCY843    L               
37602  XHNC  CSLEKMDRS   CSLEKMDRS    L               
37603  XHND  BARRWHSD    270Z542F04   F    GRESTYBGE  
37604  XHND  CSLEKMDRS   CSLEKMDRS    L               
37605  XHND  BARRWHSD    BARRWHSD     0               
37606  XHNC  CSLEKMDRS   CSLEKMDRS    F               
37607  XHNC  SELAFLDBN   SELAFLDBN    F               
37608  XHNC  DUNGENESS   DUNGENESS    0               
37609  XHNC  CSLEKMDRS   CSLEKMDRS    F               
37610  XHND  SELAFLDBN   SELAFLDBN    F               
37611  XHNC  CREWE CLS   GRESTYBMD    F               
37612  XHNC  CSLEKMDRS   CSLEKMDRS    F                 N       
37667  XHND  DERBY RTC   571Q241G04   L *  DERBY RTC    N       
37682  XHNC  CSLEKMDRS   CSLEKMDRS    F                 M       
37688  XHND  CSLEKMDRS   CSLEKMDRS    F                 N      

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