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Fleet History


JulAugust 1965Sep

D6802 Stabled on Canton (86A) 
D6819 Stabled on Bridgend Sidings 
D6823 Stabled on Landore (87E) 
D6832 Stabled on Canton (86A) 
D6858 Stabled on Landore (87E) 
D6870 Stabled on Llanelli (87F) 
D6874 Stabled on Bridgend Sidings 
D6880 Stabled on Margam 
D6881 Stabled on Canton (86A) 
D6884 Stabled on Bridgend Sidings 
D6885 9Cxx Local coal trip through Neath 
D6891 Stabled on Canton (86A) 
D6908 9B05 Coal Working to Bristol through Neath 
D6912 8Cxx Local Trip thorugh Cardiff 
D6913 Stabled on Margam 
D6923 4A27 Up freight thorugh Cardiff 
D6925 Stabled on Landore (87E) 
D6928 Stabled on Canton (86A) 
D6929 Stabled on Canton (86A) 
D6937 Stabled on Canton (86A) 
D6969 Stabled on Canton (86A) 
D6970 Stabled on Barry (88C) 
D6972 0Z00 Light Engine Movement thorugh Cardiff 
D6987 0Z00 Light Engine Movement thorugh Cardiff 
D6994 4Cxx Down freight thorugh Cardiff 

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