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Fleet History


MarApril 1976May

37007 Stabled at Doncaster Works yard 
37025 Stabled at Healey Mills 
37040 Stabled at Healey Mills 
37070 Stabled at Healey Mills 
37087 Stabled at Shirebrook 
37088 Stabled at Tinsley 
37091 Stabled at Tinsley 
37092 Stabled on Worksop 
37093 Stabled at Tinsley 
37094 Stabled at Barrow Hill 
37098 Stabled at Healey Mills 
37101 Stabled at Doncaster Depot 
37103 Stabled at Wath 
37105 Stabled at Wath 
37107 Observed passing Tinsley 
37108 Stabled at Shirebrook 
37115 Stabled at Shirebrook 
37122 Stabled at Shirebrook 
37123 Stabled on Worksop 
37125 Stabled on Worksop 
37128 Stabled at Wath 
37132 Stabled at Wath 
37133 Stabled at Tinsley 
37136 Stabled at Wath 
37140 Stabled at Shirebrook 
37141 Stabled at Wath 
37148 Stabled at Healey Mills 
37159 Observed at Swansea East dock 
37168 Stabled on Worksop 
37170 Stabled at Tinsley 
37175 Observed at Llanelli 
37179 Stabled on Margam Depot 
37183 Observed at Llanelli 
37189 Stabled on Margam Depot 
37191 Observed at Landore 
37203 Observed at Swansea East dock 
37213 Observed at Swansea East dock 
37217 Observed at Swansea East dock 
37225 Observed at Llanelli 
37228 Observed at Swansea East dock 
37234 Observed at Llanelli 
37239 Stabled on Margam Depot 
37241 Observed at Landore 
37241 Observed at Port Talbot 
37251 Stabled at Healey Mills 
37270 Observed at Llanelli 
37271 Observed at Swansea East dock 
37296 Stabled on Margam Depot 
37299 Stabled on Margam Depot 
37301 Stabled on Margam Depot 
37303 Observed at Landore 
37304 Stabled on Margam Depot 
37305 Observed at Landore 
37306 Stabled on Margam Depot 
37308 Stabled on Margam Depot 

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