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Fleet History


JunJuly 1975Aug

37033 1712 Liverpool St - Cambridge Between Liverpool St - Bishops Stortford30.25
37075 1836 Liverpool St - Kings Lynn Between Bishops Stortford - Cambridge25.50
37194 Observed passing Rotherham Masbrough heading South 
37264 1230 Liverpool St - Norwich Between Liverpoolst - Manningtree59.50
37292 Observed at Ebbw Junction 
37297 Observed at Ebbw Junction 
6712 Observed at Stratford Depot 
6714 Observed at Stratford Depot 
6732 Observed at York Station 
6735 Observed at Liverpool St Station 
6743 Observed at Liverpool St Station 
6744 Observed at Stratford Depot 
6750 Observed at Stratford Depot 
6754 Observed at Liverpool St Station 
6830 Observed at Liverpool St Station 
6947 Observed at Stratford Depot 
6963 Observed at Liverpool St Station 
6965 Observed at Stratford Depot 
6974 Observed at Dowlais Cae Harris 

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